Monday – New Skirt!


Super stoked to wear one of the new skirts I bought yesterday.  Lots of compliments, I actually think that F21 should pay me to promote bc a couple girls were all about picking up the skirt in blue after work.
Summer Jenni is officially in full effect, and is currently excited about the weather, excited about sandals, and SUPER excited about not wearing tights! Considering I pretty exclusively wear skirts and dresses, black tights get really old after wearing them for a 9 month winter.

Top: H&M $7
Skirt: F21 $15
Silver chains: Stole from my sister…oops
Pendent: Hometown secondhand store $1
Gladiator Sandals: Payless (years ago before gladiator shoes were cool, and EVERYONE made fun when I wore them…same people that are wearing them now… apparently I’m bitter)


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One Response to “Monday – New Skirt!”

  1. Sista Says:

    I retract my statement made on a previous blog. That is my necklace and I got it from F21 (suprise suprise).

    I really like some of your clothes. I hope you bring them home with you in July so I can steal them!

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