Tuesday – Floral


Going through my closet this morning I realized that I overbought on the floral trend…in a potentially bad way.  I have certainly been in this situation before. I find something I like and buy everyone I see.  In some cases this is good (like gold jewelry, too much is never bad) and others not so great (prairie skirts, yuck).

Dress: F21 (obvi) $19
Cardigan: had forever, should prob get a new one
Sand-dollar necklace: Hometown second hand store $.25
Bracelets:  Vintage store on Houston $5 for 2
Ring:  From coworker
 Sandals: Payless $7


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3 Responses to “Tuesday – Floral”

  1. Tracey Says:

    I believe I was with you for the gold sandles purchase, because both Sarah and I have a pair as well, and they were not purchased at Payless for $7, they were purchased at Walmart in Manty for about $4. Cute outfit!

  2. Jenni Says:

    You are so right! I knew I got them when I was home but could not quite remember where or exactly how much. I got a better deal then I thought

  3. Grace Says:

    I love your floral dress! I have a dress from dots(bought in early june) that is the same exact pattern, but different design. So bright and pretty.

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