Sunday – Little Italy


Another sunny day, My BF and I spent Sunday walking around Downtown…around the LES, Little Italy, Chinatown and then I headed up to Stuy Town to lay out with a friend. Through and through a perfect Sunday.

Dress: ??? Not sure 
Bracelet: J Crew, birthday gift
Bag: Acquired from an old roommate (thanks Nancy)


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4 Responses to “Sunday – Little Italy”

  1. Liz Says:

    i like what you’re doing with the vibrant colors of the fruit going hand in hand with the vibrant colors of your dress! very nice and, also, visually fun to look at.

  2. sherry Says:

    Hi Jenni,

    Not sure about this outfit. Maybe I’m missing something or this fashion hasn’t come to Wisconsin.



  3. Mariya Says:

    Love the dress – where do I get it?!?!?

  4. Monday – Maxi Dress « Work It Says:

    […] love that the first person to call me out for not liking my outfit was my mom. She commented on my Sunday post that she did not really like my Maxi dress.  I have not been back to Wisconsin for a bit so I am […]

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