Monday – Pants


After seeing my lineup of  shirts and dresses with prints last week, I decided to mix it up and start the week off with pants (one of the only pairs I wear) and solids. This belt is one of my fave finds at my hometown second hand store. I think it is a great accent to a plain outfit, best dollar I ever spent!

Pants: F21 $25
Random Tank
Belt: Thrifed in hometown $1.00
Bracelets: Thrifted in NY on Houston $5 for both
Shoe: Sam Edelman, from work


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6 Responses to “Monday – Pants”

  1. Work It Says:

    […] Work It « Monday – Pants […]

  2. David Sprotte Says:


  3. Melanie Says:

    Hi Jenni!

    Shawn just now told me about your blog. The last 3 days entries look like you belong in California! Your outfit today looks similar to what I have seen with the Ralph Lauren summer looks….just need a yacht!

    I was at a concert last night at the Hollywood Bowl and you should have seen those outfits! Wow, you would have had a field day. But after all, this is California!

    Your ‘BF’ picked out a nice bracelet for you!!


  4. sherry Says:

    Hi Jenni,

    Loooooooooooog legs. It looks great1!!!!

  5. sherry Says:

    Hi Jenni,

    Looooooooooong legs. It looks great1!!!!

  6. Lu Says:

    I love this outfit. Chic in the city and the belt is awesome!

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