Tuesday – Get the Basics

I loved my coworkers look today, all the basics she had on were tied together perfectly by her scarf. One of my favorite things is finding a great piece of jewelry or scarf at a thrift store and basing an outfit around it.  American Apparel is the place to get started with the essentials, next is just finding that statement peice that makes it all come together.

All items on right are from AA and come in a ton of colors: 
Baby Rib Basic Short Sleeve T
Unisex Shag Fleece Rib Cardigan
Mélange Jersey Pocket Skirt
Opaque Pantyhose  
Hannah Shoe


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2 Responses to “Tuesday – Get the Basics”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Hi! I’ve featured your site on my blog! I hope thats ok, and of course I’ve linked back to you! http://www.fell4fashion.blogspot.com

  2. Krissie Says:

    Hey! I saw your blog mentioned on StylePill and wanted to check it out, especially because my blog, http://www.whatwouldkrissiewear.com is about what I wear to work every day (at my super corporate/investment firm job). Anyways, just wanted to share and say I’m glad someone else is showing what people are wearing to work… cuz it is where we spend the most of our time! Looking forward to following! -Krissie

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