Wednesday – Spotlight


How effing cute is my friend Elle today! I LOVE this Phillip Lim dress on her.  I have been obsessed with exposed zippers and  using zippers as embellishments recently, and Phillip Lim is the master this season. I would literally give my left pinky finger for the skirt below, it is on sale here.  Ahhh…a girl can dream…. 

3.1  Phillip Lim


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7 Responses to “Wednesday – Spotlight”

  1. jentine gootjes Says:

    You and your co-workers are seriously stylish. Cute blog!!!

  2. Taps Says:

    Love the spotlight! 🙂

  3. ms k Says:

    cute blog! her shoes are so cute! what brand are they?!

  4. Christine Says:

    Love the shoes too!…Christine

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