Thursday – Plaid


I was in meetings all afternoon, so did not get to take any pics of my coworkers today, but here is me looking pissed because I lost my hand.  Rocked the red lipstick today, and think I did an good job reapplying. It is almost a second job to keep up with it! Unfort, I have to finish some more work before going to a friend’s apt to watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!  So thats it for me on this raining Thursday.

Jacket: H&M $20
Random tank
Skirt: F21 $15
Shoes: Walmart $5
Necklace: Thrift Swiss watch $18
Ring: F21 $5


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4 Responses to “Thursday – Plaid”

  1. sherry Says:


    Like the outfit you put together today. You look foxy.

  2. LeelaReina Says:

    I cannot believe you got those CHIC flats for $5!! You look great and I love your blog!!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

  4. megs Says:

    …from your nose to your toes! love the red nails and black ring. hot.

    ❤ megs

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