DIY – Embellished Tank

Here is how embellished the tank I wore last Sunday

1.Start with a plain black tank or Tshirt (Hanes undershirts come in packs of 4 in case you need to practice), and a grommet kit. I found this one at Lee’s Art Shop, or you can get it online here or for cheaper here.    

2. The kit include a cutting device, but it does not really work on cotton, so I just cut a small slit with a scissors and inserted the grommet base.

3. Place the washer on the top and using the grommeter, hammer into place (back of kit gives detailed instructions).

4. Space evenly around the collar, and you are ready to wear it out!  

Shirt: Pack of Four $11
Grommet kit: $10 



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7 Responses to “DIY – Embellished Tank”

  1. sherry Says:


    You are very clever!!! Like the outfit.

    I would like to see some middle aged hot mommies. Nice to include John. Adds a little flare.

  2. EmilyKennedy Says:

    That’s pretty cool! And you could also do something interesting with a ribbon or other embellishment, like chain, run through the grommets.

    • Jenni Says:

      Totally! I want to use ribbon on a T-shirt I have, stay tuned. I will post it as soon as I finish!

  3. megwalsh Says:

    fresh idea. nice job.

  4. heather Says:

    love the dyi instructions! great look 😉

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