Monday – Leggings


Today I reverted back to a cold weather classic, my trusty leggings. Considering I don’t really wear pants, I live in leggings and black tights during the 10 months of cold in NY.  But surprise, surprise, it was raining again today, so rethought the dress I was going to wear, and went with this. One of my coworkers had these amazing American Apparel leggings with a zipper up the side, but I could not bring myself to spend $60 on leggings, so was super stoked when I found these at F21 for $15

Top: Free People $30
Cardigan: H&M $20ish
Legging F21: $15
Flats: H&M $15
Cuff: Ted Rossi, from work
Necklace: “Jenni” spelled in wire, from my friend Meagan, who got it on Navy Pier. THANKS!
The other one is a 4-leaf clover…not sure where from 


My posts are  late today  because two of my faves at work gathered by my desk at the end of the day to catch up on the weekend.  Elisabeth snapped me in the chair I spend  3/4 of my life in, and I caught our shoes having a moment. DIY embellished tank tomrw! 


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One Response to “Monday – Leggings”

  1. eyeliah Says:

    very cute leggings! monday style is the hardest!

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