Wednesday – A Dress Remembered


On the subway ride home last night, for some reason this dress popped into my head.  I wore it once over a year ago at Fashion Week. That year was random because I kept running into Anna Ortiz from Ugly Betty at that shows.  We struck up a conversation and she was SO sweet.  At one show, her and I scouted a backdoor exit to bypass the crowd and ended up walking down seven flights in super high heels, it was too funny. Good memories… happy I found this dress again. 



3 Responses to “Wednesday – A Dress Remembered”

  1. beth Says:

    I love this look!! your lips and hair … it’s a new glamorous jenni!

  2. sherry Says:


    Movie star good looks with that lipstick and hair. Very nice.

  3. milly Says:

    very pretty

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