Thursday – Yellow


No work today, so after a stellar evening hopping around the LES (pics of the night to come), I slept in today…So glorious. Right now I’m listening to a MJ remix, planning my  next moves for the day. So far on the list: eye brow threading, painting nails, trip to the Apple store and picking up the 4 foot pile of clothes on my bedroom floor.  I am heading to Montauk (poor man’s Hamptons) tomorrow and am mentally coaxing the sun out of hibernation.  

As for fashion, yesterday a couple of coworkers heard my plea for some color and broke out the brights. Yellow seems to be the color of the season at work. I dug through the archives and compiled a little lookback at the sunny hue.  What color wins most popular in your workplace?


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2 Responses to “Thursday – Yellow”

  1. eyeliah Says:

    Oh yellow is my fav color to wear – this brightened my day. Sadly, everyone else at my office wears black most the time 😦

  2. Monday – Sunshine « Daily Work It Says:

    […] a while back when I deemed yellow the official color of my office. Well it happened again, a bunch of people were wearing yellow […]

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