Monday – New Bag!


Yesterday was my only day in the office this week because I flew home for rest of the week to chill with the fam and spend the 4th at my sister’s.  I am posting on my parents PC now, not as slick as my Mac…but its getting the job done.  Before leaving town I got to hit up a handbag sale at work and got this vintage little green number that I am in love with. Huge fan of the gold chain strap! Ok, I am off to the second hand store I always  refer to and will hopefully come home with a heap of goodies.

Tank: DIY project
Linen pants: Target $10
Shoes: Walmart $5


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4 Responses to “Monday – New Bag!”

  1. nikki Says:

    Love the bag – who is it by?

  2. Archibald Maximilion Says:

    What an utterly fabulous bag!

  3. Jenni Says:

    Fred Hayman??? I googled it and a perfume designer came up…

  4. Wednesday – I Love the 90’s « Daily Work It Says:

    […] wore this out a couple of weekends ago dancing with my new purse, stellar night. I was Jenni on 12. Prob another reason why I heart this […]

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