Wednesday – Vintage Finds $13


Yesterday I went to my favorite second hand store and found some fantastic pieces.  I love love love the multistring necklace in the middle! The most amazing part: the deal for the day was 50% off jewerly so I got ALL THIS for $13.  Can you belive it?


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11 Responses to “Wednesday – Vintage Finds $13”

  1. megwalsh Says:

    GOOD JOB! Like the stuff… i saw a leaf necklace identical to the one you picked up at F21 for like $9… so obviously you win considering you got all of the just $13.

  2. milly Says:

    Great finds!!…love the multi string necklace!

  3. Sarah Says:

    ooh love the jewels! Where is this store?!

  4. Jenni Says:

    Thanks! It is a second hand store in my hometown in Wisconsin. After living in NY, everything seems free here!

    • Sarah Says:

      oh of course it’s not in NYC! That’s how it is when I go home to Buffalo! How are you girl???? we need to hangout soon!

  5. Archibald Maximilion Says:

    Fantastic finds – and even more so considering the deal you got on them!! I absolutely love them all.

  6. eyeliah Says:

    Great finds indeed, vintage jewelry is the best even f it’s too hot to wear them right now. My fav is that leaf necklace!

  7. Jillian Says:

    Great finds! Can’t wait to see you style them, my fav is the multi strand pearls. Love your bog!

  8. christina Says:

    hi. just found your site today, and was ENAMORED with your thrift finds thinking to myself: “where did she find such great pieces so cheap in NYC”? Then, to read your replied comment the word WISCONSIN gleamed out. . . I too am from WI and miss Value Village Half Off Days!

    love your style!

    • Jenni Says:

      So glad to hear from another Wisconsinite!!! Small town secondhand stores are truly where the AMAZING deals are 🙂

  9. Monday – Debate « Daily Work It Says:

    […] I wore the necklace I loved from my jewelry thrifing extravaganza while I was home! I got a bunch of compliments and the best part was that it was only $2! Fantastic […]

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