Tete-a-tete: Archibald Maximilion

Thanks to everyone who sent in their work fashions,  keep ’em coming.  One reader sent in pics, and I was so in love with her style I wanted to know more!  Below she answered a couple questions and picked some of her fave looks. (ps how amazing is this reworked vintage wedding dress below!)


Where do you live? New Zealand

What do you do for a work? Policy Advisor – Basically I work in politics, providing policy advice to elected representatives. This largely consists of research, report writing and (eventually) policy and strategy development.

How do you bring your sense of style to the workplace? I work with other bureaucrats in a stressful and highly unstylish work environment so it is critical to my daily wellbeing that I project some semblance of personality through my daily outfits! My sense of style is generally fairly dressy – sometimes a bit romantic, sometimes a bit eclectic – and I used to keep my ‘good’ clothes for the weekends. Then one day I came to the sad realization that I spend most of my time at work and so it was poor economics to spend so much money on a wardrobe that I was only wearing two days a week. Now that I wear what I want to (within reason) I am much happier and at ease. I love fashion and want to be surrounded by it all times even if I am working on waste minimisation strategies and 10-Year Plans!


What outfit exemplifies your style? (left)  I love this blouse!

Which outfit did you step outside your comfort zone and end up surprisingly happy with the results? (right) I wore this last Monday, it was a bit of a gamble with different colours and textures but I liked the result and others seemed to too. It also meant I got to experiment with this WORLD skirt which I love but never seem to wear.

See more of her amazing style on Flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/archibald-maximilion/



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8 Responses to “Tete-a-tete: Archibald Maximilion”

  1. piglet Says:

    Oh I love her style on wardrobe_remix!
    And she’s a kiwi – bonus!

  2. Lu Says:

    I love Ms. Archibald! She has been one of my favorite flickr friends for some time now and she is also so chic with a funky twist! Congrats!

  3. eyeliah Says:

    She is one of my ultimate favorites on flickr!! And she also comments on so many people photos, she is really participating in the community.

  4. alex Says:

    this website is sweet

  5. jentine Says:

    All the thrifted jewelry and these amazing fashions are inspiring. Must thrift soon…

  6. Archibald Maximilion Says:

    Thanks everyone!!

  7. Danielle Says:

    LOVE her!! One of my faves!!!

  8. megwalsh Says:

    I simply adore Archibald’s style; the whimsy and romance of her outfits is terrific and inspiring! She looks straight off the pages of a high-fashion mag like Vogue to me.

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