Wednesday – DIY Day


Do people know about this place called the Hobby Lobby?  Is this just my hometown thing? Or is it everywhere?  This store, which I spent what seemed like days in, is the most amazing/overwhelming place ever.  I just wandered through the hallways brainstorming new projects.  As I result, today I tie dyed a dress, cardigan and tank… added an exposed zipper to a skirt, and began embellishing a secondhand blazer…whew.   Step-by-step to come.


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10 Responses to “Wednesday – DIY Day”

  1. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Hobby Lobby is a national chain. So many cool ideas come from craft stores, don’t they?

  2. Albi Says:

    Love Hobby Lobby, it is nation wide, but alway closed on Sundays!

  3. piglet Says:

    Oh I always feel like that when I wander through Spotlight here.
    It sounds like the same type of store.
    Wayyyy to easy to spend money, but very inspiring!

  4. Roy Aubol Says:

    Hey..That looks really familiar…Keep up the good work Jenni. I have breakfast in the mornings at Warrens and your Dad is in there a lot.

    RPM computer
    Manitowoc ,WI

  5. Mendy Says:

    If you go to their website,, you can print out a coupon for 40% off any regular priced item. This coupon changes each week, but the 40% one shows up at least once a month.

    And no, I don’t work for them or anything! I’m just a very good customer.

  6. megwalsh Says:

    Duder, there was a Hobby Lobby in Madison. Kelly and I used to go there sophomore year all the time. It is definitely a cool joint.

  7. Wednesday – Zipper Shirt! « Daily Work It Says:

    […] I did while I was home…an exposed zipper shirt. I brain stormed this while walking around the Hobby Lobby. It was super cheap, super easy and has momentarily satiated my neeeeeeeeed for zippers. DIY up […]

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