Vacay – Flower Bed


My backyard! How insane is my Mom’s flower bed, so beautiful. I wish I did not have a black thumb and kill cactus. Maybe once I have a backyard made out of some other then concrete I will learn…

Points of interest on my outfit:

  • This cardigan is one of the items I tie dyed last week, DIY to come. 
  • I decided I like wearing two watches, I really like that one was $6 and the other was $1 (even though the cheaper one no longer works) 
  • I would like to start introducing more sequins into my wardrobe, starting with this pair of shoes I got for $1.00 at Walmart

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4 Responses to “Vacay – Flower Bed”

  1. Liz Says:

    gorgeous flowerbed and cute outfit! and how do you always find such great shoes at stores like Walmart? you must have an eye for spotting the stellar bargains that i am lacking…

  2. Mendy Says:

    Please tell me that you just got those shoes? And they might still be in my own Walmart??? (fingers crossed!)

  3. LeelaReina Says:

    Love your outfit! Great mix with the tie dye, florals, and sequins.

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