Tuesday – Blazers


I am a huge fan of the summer blazer. It is stylish AND functional in the office AC. Turns out that I was not the only one with the idea…

My outfit:
Blazer: Thrifed, $2 (I sewed on a new gold button last night)
Skirt: Forever 21, $15
Tank: Forever 21, $3
Shoes: Thrifed  $1
Gold Bracelet and gold watch – Thrifed $1.25
Large  Watch: $6

Entire outfit is under $30!



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4 Responses to “Tuesday – Blazers”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Hey Jenni! I had a customer today that was telling me about her funky styles of hats. She said that one of them was in Vogue magazine! She gave me a postcad of her business, she will be a the French Festival this weekend….damn, I have to work. Anyway, here is her site (I think) gardenofgaia@hotmail.com. Very funky stuff!!


  2. Lu Says:

    The blazer is the perfect addition to this summer outfit. I esp love all of your thrifted accesories. Thrifted and Forever 21–two of my favorites!

  3. Archibald Maximilion Says:

    LOVE your outfit – especially the gold sandals! Your work mates look fabulously chic too (loving the girl on the left in particular).

  4. piglet Says:

    Love the shoes and accessories you picked!

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