Tuesday – Summer dresses


Last night the fact that vacay was over finally kicked in and brought on the blues. Unpacking my suitcase was a daunting task, so instead I sat on my bed and attempted telekinesis. In the process, I spotted the High School Musical 3 dvd I borrowed from work and decided this was EXACTLY what I need to get out of my funk. Done and Done. After 2 hours of singing and dancing though problems, and an additional hour of bloopers, behind the scenes, interviews with the actors, I came to these conclusions:
1. Although the cheese factor is at an all time high, HSM3 served its purpose. I am happy.
2. Vanessa Hudgen’s prom dress is lovely and whimsical. Her acting, singing and dancing ability…not so much
3. Zefron + Muscles = Hot
4. I just realized I wrote more about HSM then any other topic on my blog…awkward.

Look at these pretty summer dresses to forget about all I just said.


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4 Responses to “Tuesday – Summer dresses”

  1. Emily Kennedy Says:

    Cute! Cute cute cute! Love the dresses!

    And incidentally, thank you for explaining the meaning of HSM. I seriously have been unable to even remotely understand the purpose of these movies, but now I see: make the viewer happy with sing-along dance-along powers.

  2. piglet Says:

    OMG that purple dress is lovely!

  3. diana Says:

    i love all of these, but esp the purple dress!

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