DIY: Studded Blazer


Step 1: Supplies
Thrifted blazer $2
Studs, I used gold and silver Beddazzle studs from Hobby Lobby, $5
Buttons, I got a pack of random buttons from Hobby Lobby (I LOVE THAT PLACE) $2
Step 2: The studs have prongs on the back that you poke through the material and push down on the backside of your garment (I use the back of a box cutter with the blade taken out to push down)
Step 3: Make sure that all four prongs are fully pushed down and secured before moving on to the next stud
Step 4: Repeat along of the edge of the lapel alternating gold and silver studs
Step 5: Sew new fun buttons in place of the old strange colored ones
Wear over a simple dress, and pile on the jewelry! A great way to take an old boyfriend blazer and turn it into a chic look. 


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2 Responses to “DIY: Studded Blazer”

  1. piglet Says:

    Looks great!
    Love all your D.I.Ys!

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    […] Thrifed, DIY Studding (How-to here) Dress:  ??? I’ve had it for years… Belt: Thrifed Bucket Bag: Urban Outfitters Watch […]

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