Thursday – Dance the Day away


Every Thursday my friends and I gather to watch the greatest show EVER, aka:  So You Think You Can Dance.  And I am going on record to say that last night joins the ranks as one of my favorite episodes yet.  I mean honestly, it can be summed up in two word: Travis Wall.  That dance was breathtaking, we rewound it countless times… swoon… Did you guys watch?  What did YOU THINK???


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8 Responses to “Thursday – Dance the Day away”

  1. megwalsh Says:

    I am not normally a violent person, but Mary Murphy makes me want to commit a homicide. She makes the show intolerable for me, which is a bummer because the dancing is definitely cool.

  2. jentine Says:

    I always catch the repeats on Sunday so I have to wait… I love the long skirt. Hot!

  3. LeelaReina Says:

    I don’t watch the show so can’t offer my two cents on that matter 😦 But I can say that I think this is a pretty outfit!!

  4. sherry Says:


    I loved Thursday’s show. So many talented dancers. I don’t want any dancer to be eliminated. Jenni, you have all the moves and you should be in the show. The outfit looks great!!!

  5. Albi Says:

    ahha! I knew you would love it… so many good pieces and all! agreed with both eliminations too… will be harder to eliminate next week!

  6. Tracey Says:

    I agree, it was one of those “Wow” dances. Cute outfit too!

  7. christina Says:

    love this look, the skirt looks great and the flower ring is a fantastic addition.!

  8. mariel Says:

    i TOTALLY loved travis’ piece! at first it looked a lot like the many other contemporary numbers on the show, but the choreography got more inventive as it went on, and the chemistry between the dancers was undeniable. i absolutely love the show.

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