Nails, Nails, Nails


I am huge fan of nailpolish for mulitiple reasons. 1. Fun colors can add a lot to a plain outfit. 3. I sometimes get polish from work, which means I can test colors I would not nessasarily go out an buy.  3. The application process is calming and I love that I am forced to sit still and do nothing till it dries.

Here are a bunch of colors I wore in last couple months. I am repainting on friday, any suggestions for a color I should try???



9 Responses to “Nails, Nails, Nails”

  1. LeelaReina Says:

    I love all those bright and cheery colors! What is the brand/name of the red color where you are wearing the flower ring? I’ve been looking for a shade just like it!

    As for your next color what about something in the purple family? Just a thought 😀

    • Jenni Says:

      Hi! The red color is Starburst by Creative. It is a stellar red, I def recommend and it stays on forever without chipping!

  2. heather Says:

    the newish purple one by essie…. i think it’s called perky purple. looks great on all skin tones.

  3. Katie Says:

    I’m still a fan of navy – dark and slightly edgy, without the heaviness of black. I’ve been lightening mine up lately with a thin coat of neutral iridescent and it changes it to a complex midnight blue.

  4. piglet Says:

    I love your nail polish shots. Its inspiring me to get some new colours, not just pink, red and coral.

  5. Lynn Says:

    I wear Mod Squad by Essie – – It’s hot…Very hot pink with no metalic – just dense almost flat color. I change but always come back. Found it this time at Target – cheaper too. Salons have similar but not quite.
    Great summer color.

  6. meg.walsh Says:

    i love all the colors… super fun! i say something in the purple or green family next!

  7. Mendy Says:

    I recently got a metallic copper nail polish (for my toes) and it was fun to wear. I’m a redhead, so it goes with my coloring.

  8. Nails: New Color! « Daily Work It Says:

    […] week I asked what nail color I should try next, and  got some GREAT suggestions!  Lynn suggested a hot pink by Essie which got the gears […]

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