Tuesday – April 77 Party


Last night I was planning on “Just stopping by” the April 77 party at the Jane Hotel, but ended up staying much too late, chatting with friends, meeting new people and snapping pics. Some interesting tidbits from the night…

  • The  girl with the yellow dress has the most amazing lipstick. The yellow/red color combination is striking
  • At 5’8″ I swear I was the shortest person at the party. Lesson learned: always carry heels in your purse
  •  I may have found my next DIY, flowered headband. Gorge. 


  • The girl wearing the white dress made it herself, it looked amazing. Perfect for summer. I gave her my card, fingers crossed she emails!
  • Bottom shot was actually taken by this super sweet photographer who gave me some fantastic camera tips. Thanks Julia!


  • I met Elizabeth (top right), who is Love Coach, while waiting for a drink. So lovely, check her out at lavidafemme.com
  • In the trio of boys is my roommate and some friends
  • The  young lad in the bottom pic is straight from Utah,  first time in New York doing some modeling.  Good luck and God speed young one, this city will either embrace you or eat you alive…and often times both.

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One Response to “Tuesday – April 77 Party”

  1. julia Says:

    hahaha, drunk hanna photo by non drunk photog.

    it was nice meeting you the other night. you did a great job with the camera

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