Shape Debate: Pants


Over the last couple months my coworkers have been sporting two popular pant trends: Harem and cuffed Boyfriend Jeans.  Both emerged in spring and seem to be sticking around for summer. Since I have readers from all over, I would love to know if the looks are popular where you are?  Your general thoughts on the styles? Lose or keep for the Fall?


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7 Responses to “Shape Debate: Pants”

  1. nikki Says:

    I think they’re a great alternative to straight or skinny styles. I’m not sure how long they’ll be “in style” though. What do you think?

  2. Lizzie Jeanne Says:

    I love them both, but only if they are styled correctly… and sometimes that just means on the right body. Harem pants just dont work on all body types, neither do skinny jeans. I like them as trends, but I won’t be investing in a pair. As for boyfriend jeans, I love love love it and want them to stick around for ever! Only problem is I have yet to find a pair I really like… oh and you have to wear them with adorable heels or wedges. They just dont look right with flats.

  3. LeelaReina Says:

    The boyfriend jean dominates over the harem pant in LA but I really do like how your co-workers are wearing them. The waist reminds me of the paperbag skirt which I love!

  4. Abbey Says:

    Here in the mid-west, boyfriend jeans definitely dominate. I don’t think that I have seen any harem pants. I asked my bf what he thought of the harem pants and he laughed and started singing ‘hammer time’ so that may just be a regional thing. Small town folks here!

  5. piglet Says:

    Both styles are making an appearance in New Zealand. Though it is still too cold at the moment for rolling up your jeans.
    Skinny jeans are still the most popular style of pants here though. Especially for tucking into your boots during this freezing winter!

  6. meg.walsh Says:

    i’m seeing boyfriend jeans, harem and skinny jeans all over chicago. i have to say, i could live without the harem pants. i will admit that co-workers have styled them well though.

  7. diana Says:

    what cool outfits. i love the accessories. esp the white statement necklace!

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