Thursday-Playing catch-up


Wowza I just realized I was out every night last week, so when Friday rolled around I decided to take a nap instead of blog. MUCH NEEDED! So I am playing catch up today. Here is my outfit from last Thursday, not sure if you recognize the skirt, but I wore it awhile back to a cookout. I desided to switch it up a little and wear this fantastic necklace I found at Forever 21 for, get this, $13!!! 


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7 Responses to “Thursday-Playing catch-up”

  1. piglet Says:

    Love that skirt!

  2. LeelaReina Says:

    That’s a great necklace!! I love how it stands out against the dark top and the skirt is darling.

  3. diana Says:

    i love this. love your statement necklace. looks great.

  4. meg.walsh Says:

    i also love the necklace… and the contrast between the white and gold necklace and the dark shirt is pleasing to the eye. the necklace really pops!

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    […] used the basics from my Thursday outfit and added the dress. This is not only a great example of different ways to wear the dress, but […]

  6. milly Says:

    great necklace….pretty skirt

  7. mairyliscious Says:

    love this skirt!!!!!

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