One Dress: Three Ways


I while back I bought a dress from Forever 21 and asked two of my coworkers to style an outfit using the dress.  The end result: Three unique and fantastic ways to wear one piece of clothing. By layering, adding different accessories, or wearing the back in the front, the same dress could be wore to work, running errands or out for drinks. Here is a closer look at the details: 


Nikki added a brocade jacket  (I love the mixing of textures/patterns), some fun jewelry and  Oxfords which made the dress completely work appropriate. Since the dress does not have much shape, the fitted blazer gave her a more defined waist. 


Elisibeth turned the dress backwards, showing the zipper detail. Layering with a cardigan, jeans and  gold accessories created the perfect weekend outfit. 


I used the basics from my Thursday outfit and added the dress. This is not only a great example of different ways to wear the dress, but also repurposing accessories to make a fresh look!


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2 Responses to “One Dress: Three Ways”

  1. Liz Says:

    i LOVE the back to front idea! genius!

  2. Mendy Says:

    Loving the zipper in the front. It cuts the sweetness of the lace just enough.

    I also LOVE your necklace. I may have to search that one out.

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