Daily Work It Recommends: Bonobos


Remember a while ago when I went to the Bonobos swim trunk launch? So last week I recruited my friend John (who you have seen model for me here and here) to go to the Bonobos headquarters for a personal fitting. Honestly, I wish this experience existed for women. Everyone is super cool and nice. They also totally belived in the product, which they should, bc it looks great!  Click to check out John model more pants and trunks…

July27.bon3From left to right: Inspector ToffsSpider FightersRon Lavenders

It is all about the fit; hugs and flares in all the right places. I am a fan of Bonobos bc its really cool to see an idea, started by a couple guys, grow into something people are stoked to be a part of because they love the product. John was digging the look as well, saying “The pants are slim but still masculine, any guy could put them on and look more put together.”

From left to right: Nanners, Solid Red, Flying Daisies

Everything can be bought online at www.bonobos.com, or you can go in for a personal fitting, AND they have a “Any time, any reason” policy for returns. I officially give Bonobos the Daily Work It stamp of approval, which is as close as it gets to an Oscar in the blogging world.


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4 Responses to “Daily Work It Recommends: Bonobos”

  1. Arthur James Says:

    I HEART the Ron Lavenders! & will be snatching them up soon. Thanks for the recommendations! Do you think they have tall men sizes (36 inseam)? 😦

  2. Arthur James Says:

    Never mind…they do! Check it: “Our trousers are made with standard lengths: waist sizes 28 to 33 have 34” inseams. Waist sizes 34 to 40 have 36” inseams. Find out why . ” HOT!

  3. Steve Radosevich Says:

    Groovy Jenni!

  4. Casey S. Says:

    I would totally have sex with that model. Hook me up!

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