All Points West!!


A couple pic from the All Points West festival this weekend. So effing fun! Fashion went out the window as we turned to ponchos and beer to protect ourselves from the rain.  While the downpour held  strong though Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend, it started to clear up for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Liz and  I stood our post and cozied up to the front row for the sickest Jay-Z concert EVER, NY pride was strong. Ps I have to mention the girl who was wearing jean short that were equivalent to a thong…so confusing. How do you walk out of the house like that…even more so, HOW do you sit on the subway. Nast. 


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4 Responses to “All Points West!!”

  1. eyeliah Says:

    cute shot in the rain jackets!

  2. Liz Says:

    i literally could not stop staring, and not in an inappropriate way–in a “put some pants on, girl! you are in public!” way. unreal. anyway, good day, great day! sometimes fashion needs to be sacrificed, especially in the name of music.

  3. Liz Says:

    i also would like to add that my bag is tucked into my raincoat, hence the extra “padding” around my midsection. but, again, a minor fashion sacrifice in the name of h to the izzo, v to the izzay.

  4. sherry Says:


    The concert looks like a lot of fun. Does it ever not rain in New York?

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