Tuesday – 4 Years in NYC!


I was not feeling all that inspired yesterday.  I’m in a bit of a funk, prob bc I have not seen my guy for almost 3 weeks…boo on the bar…waa waa.  BUT my mood instantly was lifted when I had dinner with some of my FAV New Yorkers.  I realized yesterday that the beginning of Aug marks my 4 year anniversary of living in NYC and who better to spend the evening with the some of the first people I met.  I will never forget hip hop date class at Charmaine’s on Park, Arty flipping his towel hair while Scott Lee, Nate, Beth and Sarah KILLED IT! 🙂  You guys are simply the best.



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4 Responses to “Tuesday – 4 Years in NYC!”

  1. D Says:

    aww, glad you had fun. nice way to turn a blah feeling around by spending time with friends. i think you look very cute btw. love the necklaces. i have those shoes and that band on top sort of cuts into the top of my feet and i have little feet! they bother me, but i think they are adorable kicks.

  2. milly Says:

    Great layered necklaces….love the wedges…where from?

  3. Arthur James Says:

    Congratulations again! The Shitty has just begun for you & you are most definitely just starting your prime. Keep up the great work Sweets & come back to dance class…at Charmaine’s….on Broadway……yea, I was accepted. 🙂

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