Wednesday – Lookback


The other day my coworker suggested that I do a Lookback of the style of one person at work. Well Nikki, since you made this stellar suggestion, you are the first one on the chopping block.

Which of Nikki’s work looks is your fave? 


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8 Responses to “Wednesday – Lookback”

  1. Jessica Says:

    hah! Great idea… Nikki you look fab!

  2. Jenna Says:

    I love that first dress on her. The color and the cut are awesome!

  3. EmilyKennedy Says:

    I think Look #4 is the best for Nikki’s shape: it really highlights her legs. However, I also think the dress in Look #1 is outstanding on her.

  4. Megan Says:

    I love the first dress – wonderful color and the yellow shirt/pant outfit.

  5. Nana Eyeson Says:

    My fav’s are look 3 and 4… Has all my favorite elements (great blouse, leggings, white t, and palazo pants)

  6. Noopur Says:

    3rd one is my fav, love the yellow blouse…alll the more bcz i have been searching for a perfect yellow blouse for ages now.

  7. Indigowaters Says:

    I like the purple one the best. 🙂

  8. Sachi Says:

    I love 1 and 3. Bright colors look great on girls with dark skin.
    And what a cute idea! I may have to pick a friend to do that with. (:

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