Update on Reader Q’s


Just wanted to do a quick update on some of the questions I have turned to you all for advice.

1) Hemming the SJP Dress: I got a sewing machine today (!) and I am going to bring it up a couple of inches (just a couple I swear!)

2) Accessorizing the green dress: Going with a blazer, but I think a different blazer for drinks tomrw (I will post pics with the final decision)

3) Pink dress for wedding: decided against it, I feel like I need to try it on and they did not have it in the store. Going to DC this weekend, hopefully I can find something there!

4) Jewelry for Sale: Since she got such great responses from you guys she is going to start an Etsy shop soon. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for all the great comments! Keep ’em coming šŸ™‚


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4 Responses to “Update on Reader Q’s”

  1. Mariya Says:

    Please don’t hem the SJP dress! Just a few inches and it will hit right at the knee which is awkward – should either be below or above.

  2. cutewosie Says:

    I think hemming is a good idea and I am glad you went with a blazer. Have fun in DC. It is where I live and I love it here!!! Have fun shopping… we have some great places to go here.

  3. megwalsh Says:

    i knew you would hem the dress! there was no question about it! šŸ˜‰

  4. Andrea Says:

    Are you very excited about your sewing machine because I am! Have fun with it!

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