Highline Photoshoots


I was flipping through my pics and realized that last weekend marked my 3rd outfit photoshoot on the Highline. Which was your fave: Train Dress, DIY grommet tank top, or the pattern skirt with my sista? (click each for more images)


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5 Responses to “Highline Photoshoots”

  1. Emily Kennedy Says:

    Oh! So many difficult choices! I think the Train Dress is my favorite, with the Pattern Skirt coming in as a close second. What a great thing to have the Highline in your community. It’s inspiration!

  2. Leela Says:

    DIY grommet top! I love the top, skirt, shoes, and bag haha! That place looks soo cool btw.

  3. megwalsh Says:

    pattern skirt… the whole look is styled nicely in my opinion.

  4. piglet Says:

    I love the first one best. Purely because of the bright red belt!

  5. Martina Says:

    by far the diy gromet top!!! i love it!!!!

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