Tuesday – Summer over, question mark?


Wait, August is almost over? How did that happen. Everyone has been talking Fall clothing on their blogs but I am officially in denial. I would be totally cool with 365 days of Summer/Spring, although I am stoked about some of the new tights styles coming out. Anyway, here are a couple of my coworker’s last days of Summer looks from today.


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5 Responses to “Tuesday – Summer over, question mark?”

  1. D Says:

    very cute looks. i love the bold necklace, the scarf as a belt, and the fun neon touches.

  2. Indigowaters Says:

    I’m glad it’s almost over. Living in Florida the heat is no fun. I can’t wait for the little cold we do get and wearing sweaters and Fall clothes. 🙂

  3. Melanie Says:

    No worries, Jenni….summer isn’t offically over until September 21 – I think!!

  4. Noopur Says:

    I too feel I am not yet done with summer, the good thing is here in SF its gonna be warm in September too, hopefully
    love the orange beads with the yellow dress.

  5. Jaja Says:

    I absolutely adore the girl on the right’s style. If she doesn’t have a blog tell her that she should! I love your site!

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