Tuesday – Reinvention Begins!



So I decided last weekend it was about time that time again… time to “reinvent my look”.  Which is essentially this ridiculous thing I attempt to do every couple of months. I get bored with my look, but bc it is impossible to redo an ENTIRE look on my salary, I make a couple changes which holds me over till the next reinvention.  Changes 1 and 2 were implemented in Tuesday’s get-up… Flowey tops with statement necklaces and a haircut (well actually my friend Liz just cut off a couple inches and I re-layered).  Additional steps include new glasses, possibly dying my hair darker and a new bag.  NEW JENNI, HERE I COME!

New Top! : From Marshall’s in DC $12
Skirt: F21: $10
Necklace: F21 $13
Cuff: From work
Nailpolish: new grey color (not sure the brand)
NEW SHOES: Target, on sale for $15  Backstory: I have been staking these shoes for months. Every time I would visit my BF in DC I would see them, swoon over them, but not want to pay full price. When I was there last weekend, sadly they were gone, but my friend who was shopping at Target in Providence saw them in my size for $15 and got them for me. OH HAPPY DAY!!!! It was meant to be. Now I have the perfect transition shoe for Fall. 



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10 Responses to “Tuesday – Reinvention Begins!”

  1. Leela Says:

    LOVE this!! Great, great pieces and they look amazing together. Your hair looks very pretty too!

  2. megwalsh Says:

    i LOVE the reinvention. LOVE IT! totally my steeze.

  3. sherry Says:


    The new Jenni looks great. I like the outfit. Nothing wrong with the old Jenni.

  4. D Says:

    i love the new you!

  5. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Super adorable new outfit. I love a good change-up. And congratulations on nabbing the excellent shoes. Your friend deserves some cake for that!

  6. beth Says:

    way to wait for it. (that’s not what he said) i love these shoes.

  7. Noopur Says:

    you look great. Love the hair and the new shoes are damn cute.

  8. Lauren Says:

    I’ve tried those shoes on SO MANY times and always decided not to buy them for some reason. They really look great on you though! I’m cruising target.com as we speak…

  9. Tiffany Says:

    Jenni! You bought the shoes! I’m so happy for you. I love them. And for half the original price. You’re amazing. (Also, I completly heart your “mixing patterns” outfit)

  10. Saturday – Fashion Week Day 4 « Daily Work It Says:

    […] the tents Tunic: Marshall’s $13 (same one I wore here, mixed it up with leggings) Necklace: I made it! Shoes: from a coworker Leggings: Strawberry […]

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