Wednesday – B/W


My Coworkers on Wed! Looking fab! 

Quick rant: Does anyone else feel that this year more then ever trends are being beaten to death. Sadly my love for zippers has dissipated because EVERY item now has some sort of zipper detail on. And the sequins look is out of control, I am skipping the sequin blazer bc it is way to overdone.  It is a bummer bc I was really a fan of both trends…end of rant


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3 Responses to “Wednesday – B/W”

  1. Martina Says:

    aw… i know how you feel about the whole zipper/sequin overload!

  2. EmilyKennedy Says:

    AMEN with the overdone trends. Please add harem pants and skinny jeans to the list. It just gets old when everyone is doing the same thing. Yet another reason while it’s important to know and stand by your own style, regardless of trend.

  3. e Says:

    I’m not sure if trends are overdone or if I’m just noticing more because I’m reading more blogs, buying more mags and just all around caring more about what’s “in.”

    I will say that bloggers don’t seem to be as unique right now. Maybe the heat is getting to everyone.

    Oh and I still want a sequined jacket for fall, no one in this area will be wearing one, so I think I’m safe.

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