Thursday – Party in the FIB!


Yesterday after the The Time Traveler’s Wife I stopped by my friend Brian’s going away party on the roof of the Empire Hotel. Going to miss you Brian, but expect me to knock on your door during Milan’s Fashion Week! 

Skirt: Target $4 and hemmed
Shirt: Thrifed by my Mom (Good work Mommy, I got a ton of compliments!) 
Necklace: Mom’s jewelbox  
Bracelet: Necklace from sista’s jewelbox 
Lipstick: Chanel Pink Truffle (looks way more red than pink) 


I ran into some of my faves at the party including my fab friend Ryan, who has been a huge advocate of my site from the beginning, so had to snap his pic (left). I also found out that he was part of an AMAZING video that is blowing up YouTube now (all the boys in bottom right pic). YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!! Click HERE! 

Picture 2


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6 Responses to “Thursday – Party in the FIB!”

  1. ryan Says:

    You rock Jenni! Love your site! Thanks for the picture!

  2. Cassie Says:

    Jenni, OMG!!!! I was just showing this video to people at work today and we were laughing our asses off!!! I got it sent to me by someone who’s friends with them. Ryan if you read this: you guys look HOT, you sure you don’t like girls? Waaa, it’s not fair!

  3. Noopur Says:

    You look gorgeous. The skirt is so cool and looks great with that top, your mommy did some great shopping for you.

  4. sherry Says:


    Your Mom must be really cool to find sooooo many sweet deals. She brings out the best.

  5. Market Publique Says:

    Love the outfit for the Time Traveler’s Wife party – you look fabulous! The green is great and the necklace makes it special!

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