Thursday – Safari Two Ways



So here is the predicament: My mom thrifted this dress for me and I dig the safari print by can not quite figure out how to wear it. It is a bit tight in the chest area so the buttons pull, which I am not cool with showing.  My my two solutions were wearing a scarf to cover my bust, or throw on a V-neck and belt. Which do you like better? I am torn…


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21 Responses to “Thursday – Safari Two Ways”

  1. Kim Says:

    I like the v-neck and belt outfit, more striking!

  2. Elizabeth Edith Says:

    v-neck and belt for sure!

  3. Amy Says:

    Great dress! My vote is for the v-neck and belt… so chic!!

  4. D Says:

    i like both, but i prefer the jacket/belt. i like how it gives more shape.

  5. eyeliah Says:

    both, but the v-neck and belted more.

  6. Lu Says:

    I agree with everyone, the v-neck and belt (esp for Fall/Winter) but I love the addition of the scarf for Summer/Spring.

  7. EmilyKennedy Says:

    I like the v-neck and belt, but I would suggest an additional alternative. Throw a white tank underneath and unbutton the buttons that pull. Put a black or brown leather belt over that. CUTE!

  8. milly Says:


  9. Hannah Says:

    V-neck with belt! 😀

  10. Julie Says:

    v neck with belt!

  11. Filipa Frazoa Says:

    V-neck and belt!!!
    Your blog it’s AWESOME

  12. sherry Says:


    I definitely like the sweater with the belt. The colors look nice on you. The hair is also nice, lighter is better.

  13. Melanie Says:

    I too like both, but the sweater and belt is looks more stylish to me. You look great both ways, Jenni!

  14. Andrea Says:

    v-neck, hands down

  15. jentine Says:

    Belted sweater, you look slender and stylish!

  16. cutewosie Says:

    I really like the sweater and the belt. I think that it adds a polish and modernism to the thrifted dress. It looks great!

  17. Fi Says:

    I like both options, but the sweater is better. And I was going to suggest a tank under it but I see someone else already did!

  18. Martina Says:

    what a killer dress- It looks great in all pics!

  19. megwalsh Says:

    No question: v-neck and belt!

  20. Merit Says:

    Can I be so bold as to suggest a third option? How about cutting off the top of the dress and making the skirt into a … skirt?

    I like the cardigan and belt option, too!

  21. Lizzie Jeanne Says:

    I love it belted with the Vneck! I have the same problem with awkward pulling in the chest, and usually just wear a cami underneath and unbutton it. I like your solution so much though, so I might try that soon!

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