Fashion Week in Review


I was pretty stoked on all my get-ups for FW this season, but I would love to know what your fave was?!?


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15 Responses to “Fashion Week in Review”

  1. Emily Kennedy Says:

    I love the dress in pic #3. So much! It’s perfection.

  2. Liz Says:

    the pants! i loved that outfit.

  3. Martina Says:

    oh its all so so pretty!!!
    mmm… i think top left hand one and bottom right hand one

  4. Noopur Says:

    last day one with that anna sui top and that skirt tops the list.

  5. Leela Says:

    Fab outfits throughout but my favorite is the printed dress+blazer+yellow shoes! The print is so cute!

  6. Amy Says:

    I think all your outfits were gorgeous, but my favorite one is your printed dress with the yellow shoes and blazer!! It is so lovely!! =)

  7. piglet Says:

    1 & 3.
    Love the skirt in one, and dress & shoes in 3!

  8. sherry Says:


    I like the first dress. It’s looks so New York.

  9. Mariya Says:

    Love the leggings with the gray hoodie!

  10. D Says:

    wow, all great looks, but if i had to choose, it would be between the third dress and the flowy chiffon top and black pants.

  11. Roxanne Says:

    I love the third picture:) the yellow shoes just knock my socks off:

  12. Leslie Says:

    I love the last outfit. The animal print blouse and black slacks. Sharp!

  13. Suzi Says:

    All these outfits are so cute. What good style you have! I like the third and fourth outfit the most.

  14. Market Publique Says:

    Love the lace top with the black and white skirt!!!

  15. Jen Says:

    I love the gray hooded sweater look!

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