Thursday – Made my Marc



(My wind blown look, haha)


(I heart these shoes)

(Back to multiple  vintage watches)

After posting about Marc Jacob’s patterns here,  I was inspired to do a little mixing of my own this week and was excited to put a new spin on a skirt I have worn a million times.  I think I will def have to incorporate this more into my style, I did it here and here, and love the outcome each time…what are your thoughts on pattern mixing?


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7 Responses to “Thursday – Made my Marc”

  1. Clare Says:

    Loving the multiple watches and those rad shoes!

  2. piglet Says:

    I love this example of pettern mixing! The colours are perfect.

  3. jentine Says:

    Pattern mixing and a brown leather/suede belt. Of course I love it!

  4. Leela Says:

    This is so inspirational! If there’s one new thing I try this Fall, it pattern mixing. I love the concept so much!

  5. Chelsea Says:

    This mix of patterns is just perfect! Love the more muted stripes on top paired with the vibrant skirt. Parfait!

  6. D Says:

    i love pattern mixing esp the floral skirt and striped cardigan you did before. i want to do it myself, but haven’t shopped my closet yet to see what works. i think it’s pretty cute.

  7. bethany Says:

    looove mixed patterns! i feel like stripes are the easiest to mix with. thus, i have a small sickness for anything striped.
    love your blog!

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