Wednesday – I did it, tights…




So I did it, I wore tights yesterday. Not feeling great about it. After pulling out a pair from last winter I quickly realized this is not an item that lasts more then one season. The ones I wore were stretched out in the wrong places, worn out and starting to ball. Ok, so new tights. Anyone have any suggesting where to go? I am thinking of veering away from black…

I wore this thrifted dress here, but decided to Fall it up. I like florals on chilly days, but thats just me.



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7 Responses to “Wednesday – I did it, tights…”

  1. piglet Says:

    I love that dress with the black tights!
    Maybe get some cute coloured ones to match your nail polish colours?

  2. Brianne Says:

    I wore tights for the first time yesterday as well. I guess fall/winter has officially started.

    I always buy tights at TJ Maxx and those kind of stores. I hate paying more than $5 for a pair. I have a few that have lasted 3 seasons and they still look pretty good.

  3. Amy Says:

    I found some really great colored tights at both Target and the Gap!

  4. Emily Kennedy Says:

    Macy’s for Hue tights, which are one of the best brands ever.
    Target for some fun colors that are cheap.
    Kohl’s for Vera Wang tights, which are sensible colors, but nice quality. for some of the coolest, most interesting selection you will find ANYWHERE.

    Rock out with your socks out!

  5. Amy Says:

    H&M has the best tights!! (I think at least) They have TONS of fun colors, patterns, etc. Target is definitely also really good for color ones.

    I know the feeling… I finally took out my tights yesterday too! So sad…summer is gone. =( You look fabulous though!

  6. D Says:

    you look cute, but i know what you mean. i never feel great about losing summer looks to dress warmer.

  7. sherry Says:


    The outfit looks good in black tights. What happened? Did you miss the train? First you couldn’t hail a taxi. Then you missed the train.

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