Thursday – To be or not to be trendy?


Dark, pants, layers…

Question: What is your stance on wearing trendy items? My coworkers and I were having a debate yesterday at lunch and I was arguing the point that wearing clothes JUST BECAUSE they are in style at the moment can make you look like a fashion victim.  Doesn’t something lose its appeal when everyone is wearing it? I feel like every person I know (and blogger I read) is looking to buy a sequins blazer, fur vest (too bad bc I really wanted one), over the knee boots…

Do you wear clothes  just because they are on trend?


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16 Responses to “Thursday – To be or not to be trendy?”

  1. Martina Says:

    ugh i know exactly what your saying!!
    But If there is something I like- I get it.
    If its under that budget. that is.

  2. D Says:

    i don’t consider myself trendy, but i find myself getting into trends and easing myself into them. like when skinny jeans hit, i thought heck no with my bubble butt and got them much later. but as long as i like a trend or item, i don’t really care if everyone is wearing it.

  3. piglet Says:

    I only wear trendy items if I actually like them and they fit with other things I have.
    For example I will not be buying a sequin blazer or fur vest, they’re just not for me! I don’t even own any blazers because I don’t really like them on me.
    And yes I hate when everyone ends up looking the same!

  4. megwalsh Says:

    i buy what i like when i like it. if it is on trend, well then that’s a bonus. but, if a trend is ugly or does not look right on me… i will not wear it. i think there is something to be said for taking a trend and making it your own… incorporate your own flair/style and then everyone won’t look the same– no matter what they are wearing.

  5. Amy Says:

    I wear what i like and only what I like. If it happens to be a trend.. Great! if not, that i ok too. I usually wait a least one full season to see how much the trend will last and then I will decide if it is for me or not. I did buy a fur vest and a sequin sweater, but only because I LOVE them… not because others were wearing them. I want a Marching Band jacket, but I don’t think I will get one becuase I don think it is really me. I own 1 blazer because I feel to stuff in them…basically I think you should wear what you like and what works for you and you will never have to worry about being a fashion victim.

    Great debate!! I love this question. 🙂

  6. Natalie Says:

    Really I think that we all fall victim to trends and if you are shopping in ANY retail store what you see is controlled by trends. I think the key to NOT being a fashion victim is putting your signature on the trend. Sequin blazers, fur vest and over the knee boots were brought up and unless you are into fur, glitz or high boots you will just look like you are trying to hard to look “in the moment.” Some of the greatest style icons knew how to take a trend and make it their own, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie-O come to mind. They still hold classic style, but still fit into the “trends” of the time.

  7. GG Says:

    Hi Jenni, Love your blog and am in complete agreement with this post. I HATE looking like everyone else – when something is trendy, you see so much of it that it just puts you off.

  8. mairyliscious Says:

    i think that we can dress up with older clothes and new together without putting everything is a trend !
    it’s better cause we have our personal style with new fashion trends

  9. Fi Says:

    I’m wearing OTK boots but I had my pairs last year, before they were a real must-have item.

  10. Yaya Says:

    i like trendy items because sometimes i pushes me to veer out of what i’m used to. but i still try to make sure it’s comfy & looks good… for example once the paper bag waist came out, it looked great and is now a staple item in my closet

    love the yellow top!

  11. Carly Says:

    Great question–ps I like your outfit, Nikki.

    I just started grad school at the University of Chicago, and I was noticing just yesterday how pathetic the students all look here, because they are 100% fashion victims. Every student I see looks like he/she has an entire closet filled only with skinny jeans, black tights, sneakers, grandma sweaters, plaid shirts, leatherette jackets, and emo glasses. It’s so affected-looking! It seems that they are trying to cultivate a sort of alternative, “I don’t care” style, but they wind up just looking like a thousand-student-strong Urban Outfitters ad.

    I think it’s important to stay ahead of the masses in trend participation.


  12. Lillian T. Says:

    I definately don’t follow trends per se, but I do take some ideas from trends, but I wear them in different ways, and don’t buy just because everyone else is. I do however want to get a fur vest (and still might), own skinny jeans (because I like them alot) and really want to get a blazer! But I wear them in my own way, to make them unique.

  13. alicia Says:

    well jen, as you know, i have been battling the trend scene my entire life, stickin to what is me…or what was my mother’s i should say. vintage (60s-70s) will always be trendy for ME. but that is why i steer clear from the fashion world (other than your blog:)). i think fashion is what the individual wants to present as themselves.

    but for someone who finds trends to be very important for self-expression, then hell yeah. look like everyone else! as long as it fits their body and they try to add their own sense of creativity, power to them for finding a passion. mine just lie elsewhere. or im just too damn broke and lazy.

    which reminds me- i miss your list of where u got everything and prices. even if they are spendy, hook me up. xoxo

  14. jentine Says:

    I agree, once a look is mass produced by h&m, F21 and all the rest, I get tired of it.
    In my defence I bought a sequined blazer over a year ago and my fur vest I thrifted in early spring. It’s too bad that I feel like I need to explain that every time I wear them. Oh well…..

  15. Andrea Says:

    Pointy shoes/boots, etc., those horrible MC hammer looking pants (everyone looks bad in those, even models), and rain boots. I don’t care what anyone says, rain boots are not fashionable, they make you look like you are ready to either go fishing or farm, even with stupid stripes or stars or hearts on them or if they are some puke girl color like bright pink. When people wear them with a skirt, it’s as bad as wearing gym shoes with a skirt while commuting. Okay, rant done.

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