Saturday – House arrest





After accidentally locking myself into to my BF’s apt this Saturday, I spent the first hour with my face pressed up to the window living vicariously though all the ppl enjoying the most. amazing. fall day ever, and the next 5 min weeping into his pillow. After getting that out of my system, I decided to get productive, my solution: Photoshoot!  Camera on top of a makeshift tripod, lights pointed on me, auto timer set, watch stolen from BF… TA DA… perfect time waster.

Shirt: Men section at Target $5
Skirt: Target $4 and hemmed
Watch: Fossil, stolen from my guy
Boots: $12

Oh, I did it again. Remember when I unknowingly wore the same outfit as Vanessa Hudgens here…click below to see who copied me this time…



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7 Responses to “Saturday – House arrest”

  1. D Says:

    super cute. love how you hemmed the skirt.

  2. piglet Says:

    Awesome outfit. I love that comfy looking shirt.

  3. Barb Says:

    I love style. I look at your outifts each day and drool, basically. I could never pull it off.

  4. eyeliah Says:

    While Rhanna is known for copy cat style (jk – lol) 🙂 I am curious how you ge locked IN somewhere instead of out….

  5. sherry Says:


    I like the shirt and skirt. It looks super cool and comfortable. How does one get locked in an apartment?? I’ve heard of getting locked out but not in.

    • Jenni Says:

      Well…I lost the key he gave me, his only key, while he was at work. So if I left, the door would lock behind me and we would both be locked out. Waaa waaa. I was going stir crazy in that Apt!!

  6. Sista Says:

    where did you get those boots?

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