Tuesday – Pants Party






I am not a huge fan of pants, but I felt great today and got a lot of nice words about my outfit. These plaid babies were a thrift store find that I was a bit iffy about, but for $1.50 how could I go wrong. Even though they are 3 sizes too big and labeled petite, it is amazing what a belt and some heels can do. Moral of the story: If it is cheap, give it a chance and you will get lots of compliment…well…might not be that easy…but you get the idea.

Click below for style inspiration and clothing credits:


I came across this pic of Rose Byrne before I left for home and loved this look.  I was on a mission to find more pants for this winter and def kept Rose’s looks in mind. I decided against the blazer because I did not want to OD on look, but may test it out in the future.

Cardigan: F21 $10
Belt: Thrifed by my Mom
Pants: Thrifted $1.50
Shoes: Target $15
Bracelet: Thrifted  $1.00
Glasses: Yves Saint Laurent
Lipstick: stolen from my Mom 🙂


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10 Responses to “Tuesday – Pants Party”

  1. D Says:

    so cute! i love your braid too:)

  2. Clare Says:

    Ooh, love the pants SO much. I’ve been looking for a pair like that…maybe the thrifting gods will smile on me. Also, your poses are adorable!

  3. meg.walsh Says:

    jenni, pants suit you… i’m not sure why you don’t like them but you should definitely think about wearing them more often! really switches up the look too!

  4. Carly Says:

    I’m def going to copy your outfit today!

  5. Martina Says:

    aw you look absolutely amazing!
    I’m really desperately on the lookout for a good pair of highwaisted pants….

  6. Sista Says:

    nerd alert!
    sorry i couldn’t help myself.

  7. J-bone Says:

    Jen, are you doing the robot in those pics? Looking good!

  8. Lauren Says:

    i’m not a huge fan of pants, either, but i really like these!


  9. Noopur Says:

    love those pants, i got similar looking pants at a thrift store some time back, i am yet to wear them out. love the way you styled yours.

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