Monday – School Girl



As I put on this outfit the other day I flashed back to the uniform I had to wear every day from 1st – 6th grade. Ugh. Navy everyday. I think my obsession  with hoarding clothes comes from my fashion sense being stifled for the better part of my childhood. But I will say I was super comforable, and I LOVE these red shoes I got from my hometown thrift store. I also found the infamous Chanel Jade at work and gave it whorl…I have to say, I love it.


Click below for clothing credits and inspiration…


Coco of course! I also saw that Krystal, from What is Reality Anyway, was wearing a similar shirt the other day…so strange when you thrift something and a similar one pops up somewhere else.

Shirt: Thrifted $1.25
Shoes: Thrifted $2
Skirt: JCPennys $5 (actually a plus size kid skirt, with shorts underneath…would have been PERFECT for recess)
Cardigan: From my Mom
Tights: ShopKo $4
Watch: Thrifted $1
Nail: Chanel Jade from work


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7 Responses to “Monday – School Girl”

  1. Albi Says:

    you realize that skirt probably was from the uniform line don’t you? lol… I love skorts, so practical for the child with in 😉

  2. eyeliah Says:

    Cute, those shoes make it a stand out!

  3. Clare Says:

    Your schoolgirl look is just adorable. I love those red shoes SO. MUCH.

  4. nina Says:

    the shoes are amazing. love how the nails pick up the random copper roofs in the skyline! how would you rate the polish?

  5. piglet Says:

    I love this! So cute, especially the shoes.

  6. Noopur Says:

    love the school girl look and those shoes are so cute.

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