Thursday – Halloween @ Market Publique!


The other night I went over to the Market Publique headquarters to do all things halloween: work on costumes, carve pumpkins, and drink wine of course. I have been loving the school girl look, and decided that these red shoes my just be one of my fave purchases ever.

The lovely ladies, including Brooke for (the most fun and  addictive website ever) and our gracious host Pamela from the online vintage store Market Publique, THANKS PAMELA!!!

tyle inspiration: I have been seeing B/W print dresses everywhere! They MUST be copying the first time I wore this dress this summer, see it here!

Click below to see what I almost splurged on at Market Publique…you may not like if you are not a fur fan…


This amazing Rabbit fur bomber, so soft and soooo warm! I am allergic to wool, so I have to find SOME way to keep from freezing this winter!


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5 Responses to “Thursday – Halloween @ Market Publique!”

  1. Market Publique Says:

    Thank you for coming Jenni! I love the red shoes too – an you have to admit – that bunny bomber looks super rad! 🙂 We just shot it today, I’ll send you a pic soon 🙂
    – Pamela

  2. Nikki Says:

    I want that bomber! No really…Pamela, will you email me? I’m very interested!

  3. Lauren Says:

    i LOVE the red shoes, they’re so wonderful!


  4. sherry Says:


    I love, love, that Rabbit fur bomber jacket. Unfortunately, I live in a warm climate and it would not be practical for me. Can’t afford it!!! Don’t worry. The Goodwill has what you are looking for.

  5. rachelle Says:

    i’ve just discovered your blog…super cute! i love how you paired the printed dress with the red shoes 🙂

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