Awhile back I found this dress at my hometown secondhand store and it was love at first sight. The plan was to hem and remove the shoulder pads to make it everyday appropriate, but I was dying to wear it in its original state just once. Halloween was the perfect excuse. I was was flattered to receive so many compliments among a sea of scantily clad party goers.  I guess a little class goes a long way…

Dress: Thrifted $4
Hat: H&M $6
Broach (on hat): Thrifted $1
Faux fur: H&M $14
Necklace (better view here): Thrifted $2
Glove: Vintage from Market Publique $10
Shoes: Forever 21 $24
Lipstick: Stolen from my Mom


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13 Responses to “Halloween!”

  1. megwalsh Says:

    very cute

  2. piglet Says:

    What an amazing find and lovely costume! I’m glad you got a chance to wear it in it’s full glory before altering it.

  3. Cassie Says:

    Um, you neglected to say where the cigarette holder came from! I want one!

  4. Melanie Says:

    This isn’t quite the costume that your BF told me about!!! I like this very much!

  5. Clare Says:


  6. Andrea Says:

    So flipping awesome!

  7. sherry Says:


    You look great in, “The Great Gatsby” outfit. You went for the look and you got it!! In my day we dressed like ghosts, witches or the tricky dickey mask. This is a switch up.

  8. Amy Says:

    You look so great!! I think I would actually wear this in real life- I love it!

  9. Nina Says:

    Love the whole outfit! I’d think about keeping the shoulder pads in- they give you such a great shape. And I’m loving the beret with the red lips… so classic.

  10. beth Says:

    love the look. also: look how far you’ve come in the nyc… i don’t think our first halloween here could be categorized with “a little class goes a long way”…

  11. Market Publique Says:

    You look AMAZING!!!

    I love the red lips and the hat, and I’m stealing the pin-on-the-hat idea (I hope you don’t mind 🙂 )

    So glad you got the gloves, they really pulled the look together!

  12. [thursday] dots « Daily Work It Says:

    […] was running late for work yesterday, so threw on my favorite Dot dress. Remember when I wore it for Halloween! I spotted (pun intended) this dress in the window of my hometown thrift store, and after ripping […]

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