Saturday – A little Rock’n Roll





This weekend I finally wore the first skirt I hemmed with my new sewing machine! I will defineitly say it was not perfect but it was wearable. I got bundled up and took it for a test drive to the Brooklyn Museum were we saw a stellar exhibit Who Shot Rock and Roll. I highly recommend.

I loved this picture for two reasons: It was taken before Madonna was famous, a girl from her gym just snapped it because she looked so great.  And I love that we are rocking a similar look, except mine is nipped and tucked. Madonna will ALWAYS be relevant.

will love Kurt Cobain always and forever. I am a girl of the 90’s.


What started as a simple museum trip turned into chasing down buses, hopping around Brooklyn then Manhattan, drinking and eating WAY too much. And basically having a great Saturday.

Jacket: Thrifted by my Mom
Scarf: ???
Cardigan: F21 $8
Shirt: Thrifted and hemmed $1.25
Leggings: JCPenny’s $8
Jewelry: thrifted


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9 Responses to “Saturday – A little Rock’n Roll”

  1. Clare Says:

    Sounds like a ball! I love the pops of red, in your dress, nails, and hat.

  2. Liz Says:

    That scarf looks so toasty warm!

  3. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Yay! I too have been having beginners fun with sewing. Your skirt is fabulous!

  4. piglet Says:

    I love the pattern on your skirt!
    Yay for your new sewing machine, I look forward to seeing more projects!

  5. sherry Says:


    The day sounds like sooooo much fun. I like the gray blazer and print skirt. The skirt looks great. The Washington Junior High School sewing class has finally paid off. It must be cold in New York, your are so bundled up.

  6. Amy Says:

    Gorgeous outfit! I love your skirt so much!!


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  9. TheBrooklynNative Says:

    I Love your nail polish! What color is that!

    Oh and Hi I’m new to your blog and i love it ,i found it via my style pill.

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