Thursday – Best invention ever: Jean Leggings



This hat and these boots are by far my fave two items for the winter, so expect to see a whoooole lot of them. Also, the other day my friend was talking about jean leggings and how comfortable the they are, I thought to myself, this would be PERFECT for me bc I hate jeans, but LOVE leggings. After cleaning my closet last weekend, I found that I ALREADY had a pair. I slipped them on and an instant smile came across my face. I am now on a jean legging quest, bc you know, one pair is  never enough.

My third fave thing of the season: my poncho. So warm, so comfortable.

lazer and Poncho patterns

How cool is this silver nail polish my coworker let me borrow?

Click below for inspiration and clothing rundown:

I felt super Rachel Bilson-esque today,  which is awesome bc I think her style is amazing.

Hat: Thrifted $1
Jacket: Thrifted $1.50
Necklaces: vintage
Shirt/Dress: H&M from years ago
Jean leggings: ??? They just appeared in my closet. Where can I get more???
Poncho: Shopko $20
Bucket Bag: UO $40


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10 Responses to “Thursday – Best invention ever: Jean Leggings”

  1. megwalsh Says:

    Silja was wearing a pair of the jean leggings on Halloween and she said she picked them up at Kohl’s for $5… worth a try.

  2. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Ha! You’re on some jeggings craziness!

    Well, you look cute anyways, and that’s what counts.

  3. Clare Says:

    These look fabulous on you. Love your cold weather faves!

  4. Liz Says:

    I really like that you wore the jean leggings with a longer top and boots. They totally pass for real denim.

  5. Alicia Says:

    i wore the same pair of light blue jean leggings almost every day in 4th grade thinking no one would notice if i wore a different shirt. they had lace at the bottom. wish i still had those…

    i also had a teenage mutant ninja turtles backpack at the time thinking it was the coolest accessory ever, so if my style was in check then, i must be doing good now. hm.

    love the poncho j-rod. love. it.

  6. harolina Says:

    super cute outfit. love the poncho! i think i look silly in them but i might have to try it out.

  7. Amy Says:

    OMG, love them!! Your outfit is so cute- loving the poncho very much!!

    Hope yu have a great weekend!


  8. Ryan Says:

    love the nails…its the little things

  9. Yoli Says:

    Nice outfit. Uniqlo has really comfy denim leggings for $10.50 which you might like for your “collection.”

  10. Jessica Says:

    Cute winter outfit. I love the pop of color with the hat! I’ve a grey one and a cream one and i’d love one that color but it seems wherever I turn there are none. Ah well enjoy them.

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