Wednesday – So Versatile

(New bacelet from my friend and photographer Lizzy!)

(curled with the bangs back today, so versatile)

I am officially apologizing to my natural brunette color. I thought blonde was the way to go, but after a few days with my dark ‘do I may change my tune. Thanks to all the nice words from you all :), my coworkers raving, and the increased amount of double takes from guys (and girls) on the street (prob bc I live among the hipsters on the LES). I am also digging pairing the look with more intense shades of lipstick, do you guy have any new lipstick recommendations??

p.s. Since it has been getting darker earlier, I am forced to find new places to take outfit pics, ie elevator, ladies room, storage closet…its a game of where will Jenni end up next…


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13 Responses to “Wednesday – So Versatile”

  1. D Says:

    such a cute look with those booties!

  2. Cassie Says:

    You know, I think I could see you in an edgy hot pink shade. Crazy I know, but I can see it working on you!

  3. Clare Says:

    Love the pants. And your haircut just keeps lookin’ better!

  4. piglet Says:

    Love the booties! Cute cute cute!

  5. Michelle Says:

    Your new hair color looks great! So sophisticated and stylish!

  6. Lo Says:

    Looooove the new haircut/color! Definitely suggest a plum-y lip color… and something glossy! Time to hit up Sephora…

  7. harolina Says:

    super cute! that’s a really pretty bracelet. and your hair looks amazing!

  8. Emily Kennedy Says:

    Rock it lady! Dark hair and red lips say vamp. And vamps do indeed make the heads turn. My best red is still a Mac red, but I have also been liking a Mabelline Color Sensational lipstick I picked up. It doesn’t last as long (of course) as a Mac lippie, but it’s better than the L’Oreals I’ve tried.

  9. everydaytorunway Says:

    I also just went from super blonde to more of a red-y brunette, and blogged about it at my wordpress. My recommendation is Skew from MAC, a little of an orange-y red to compliment the fair skin/brunette combo that I also have. Or one girls night out, I tried a bright fuschia from the MAC hello kitty line, I got a lot of girl-compliments! I’m thinking a deep plum is going to be my next purchase.

  10. mariel Says:

    You look so striking with the darker hair! I love it, especially curly with this dark lip.

  11. Lauren D Says:

    Wow! I LOVE your new hair. It’s quite a transformation. What product are you using to keep it curly?

    I have dark hair too and love the dramatic lip colours you wear as a brunette. Red is great. So is peachy if you have the right skin tone (try Clinque ambrosia). Bright Pink/fushia is fun to. My stylist at Aveda put a purple/plum colour on me that I thought was crazy before she put it on and it ended up being gorgeous. I think it was called Sugar Plum.

    Enjoy the new hair, trust me brunettes have more fun!

  12. gina Says:

    I love the new hair color!

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