Perricone Giveaway! (and holiday coupons)

Hi all, welcome to my first giveaway! I am stoked to be able to give one reader Perricone‘s 3 Steps to Beautiful Skin Collection. It includes their Citrus Facial Wash, Firming Facial Toner, and Face Finishing Moisturizer (a $115 value).
Here is what you do: leave a comment about why you are looking to try a new face regiment, I will pick a random reader and send you the goods! Cool? *sorry only US residents, winner will be picked next week*

Also check out some great Perricone coupons here!



32 Responses to “Perricone Giveaway! (and holiday coupons)”

  1. priz Says:

    this is one amazing giveaway!!!!! I am in need of a new face regiment because I am just coming back from a vacation of extensive sun exposure and my skin is just peeling off. thank you and good luck to all!!!!

  2. Sara B. Says:

    I am always all about trying new facial items and Perricone is amazing stuff! This giveaway rocks!

  3. Araceli Says:

    I’m looking for a new regimen because my skin has become terrible. I haven’t found anything that works for me and I would love to try this!

  4. Aaron Says:

    love your blog. no i’m not gay. i read it to stay current about what’s “hip” so i can impress my gf w/ fashion sense. i would love to win this product so i can give it to her as a gift. she always washes her face before bed and applies wrinkle cream under her eyes. i’m sure she will be stoked to try perricone as she’s always looking for the best skincare. not to mention i would get some loving. thanks jenni!

  5. Lizzie Jeanne Says:

    I am always in the market to try something new. My skin texture changes throughout the year based on the weather and climate, and thus I am constantly changing my routine to meet the needs of my skin. Some days I care about moisture, some days I care about oil… you get the picture.
    I would be so excited to be able to try Perricone for the first time!

  6. Rae Says:

    I’ve been using the same cheapy face wash for years! I’d love to try a new face regimen!

  7. Leah Says:

    I’m definetely in need of a new skin care regiment. Especially since it’s gotten colder and there are more elements to brave I’ve had trouble keeping my face from being dry and irritated. I’d be really excited to try something new because what I’m using just isn’t working …

  8. Christin Says:

    I need a new face regimen because my skin is incredibly dry, but especially in the winter…this stuff sounds awesome! Thanks!
    christinbanda at yahoo dot com

  9. Lo Says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’m looking into a new skin care line because I’m training for a winter marathon–my skin is going crazy with all the sweat and hours of running in cold weather!

  10. Eileen Says:

    Its winter, and my skin is not happy! I need some help in the Northeast!

  11. Dorice Says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! Looking for something new since post-baby skin is completely different from pre-baby!

  12. Hannah Says:

    I would love to try something new. I have used Proactive but my skin is alot clearer now and I think it is too harsh. And I like Neutragena but it makes my skin so dry! I want to try something totally new and more natural.

  13. MeggyD Says:

    WOW! This is great. I am at the stage of my life where I am trying to find the face program/products that work for me and my skin. I am in my late 20s and want to prevent aging and stay on top of that. This looks amazing and I’d love to win it and try it! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Katie Says:

    Because the Winter is coming and my skin does not love the cold weather! I have heard wonderful things about Perricone….plus I am getting sick of my cheap Target stuff 🙂

  15. Cassie Says:

    Oh awesome. I would love to try this!

  16. Melanie Says:

    I would love to try this regimen! Thanks, Jenni!

  17. mariel Says:

    I’ve heard so many good things about this brand, and I’ll bet it would blow my drugstore cleanser out of the water! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Marie Says:

    I’m looking for a new regimen because its important to always face life with confidence and a great smile on your face. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  19. Market Publique Says:

    I’d love to try this because I’ve basically used the same face regimen for over 5 years – that’s not good right?
    Plus Perricone is so well regarded!

  20. CMM Says:

    I would like to try this because, um, I don’t really have a face regimen and it’s time to have one. My current regimen is: wash face with bar of whatever soap is going (usually Dove or Pure n Natural) in the morning shower, put on Olay SPF 15 moisturizer if I remember it (usually don’t), rinse face with water before bed, forget to put on overnight moisturizer again. I never wear makeup so that’s not an issue but now that I’m in my 4th decade, it’s well past time to really start pampering my skin!

  21. Sara M Says:

    I’m in college, so all the late nights, bad food, and stress is getting to me! My skin has been acting up lately, and I can’t find anything that works. Maybe this will help my poor skin out!

  22. Divya Says:

    I’ve been getting one too many wrinkles.. I’d love to use this because I heard Perricone works miracles on the skin!

  23. Lee Says:

    I’ve been searching for a face regimen for as long as i can remember. I always had really bad skin. I have tried many products but i have never really been satisfied with the results. I hope the Perricone’s 3 Steps to Beautiful Skin Collection will be end my search for the perfect face regimen for my skin.

  24. Tracy Says:

    I’m never faithful to a product line for long and Perricone has been on my radar for some time now. Would love to give this a try!

  25. Noopur Says:

    Ahh this is such a great give away….off late my skin has turned from dry to combination and i am yet to find products suitable for this change. I have heard great reviews about this range but its too expensive for me to buy it to try for the first time,So it would be great to win this and experience their products first hand.

  26. Sally Joe Says:

    This winter is wrecking havoc on my dry skin. I would love to be able to test out a new skin regime without having to spend big buck! Great giveaway!

  27. Brooke Says:

    My mom uses Perricone products and she looks younger than I do. No joke! I want in.

  28. Chris Trueman Says:

    I have always had testy skin—anywhere from crazy breakouts throughout puberty to redness/dryness/oiliness at any given time now. I would love, love, love to try a new skin care regimen and will be keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Thank you so much for hosting this give-a-way!! Chris

  29. Claire Says:

    I am a 38 year woman with the (hormonal) skin of a 16 year old..meaning EVERYTHING makes me BREAK OUT. And then I also have the wrinkles and lines of an over 40 woman due to all the products I’ve tried (my poor skin needs a break!). Help and send that free gift my way.
    Thanks! 🙂

  30. Lindja Says:

    Ah, final exams! I feel my skin is breaks out from stress and suffers from the harsh weather. I have not yet found anything that works very well, so i hope this will be a good start.

  31. Steph Says:

    My acne-ridden skin neeeeeeds these. I’ve tried everything and few products have really worked. Hoping for one final miracle.

  32. Makeup DIY Says:

    Hello hun, sweet blog! I really appreciate this blog post.. I was wondering about this for a long time now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

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