DIY: Skirt and Scarf

In the spirit of not wasting during this Thanksgiving season I wanted to share a quick DIY tip. Remember when I wore this skirt I hemmed a couple weekends ago? Well, I took the excess and stitched up the side I cut creating a circle scarf! I threw it on over a babydoll dress and some oxford-esque shoes straight from 1993 and headed to the office for a half day before the holiday.  I saw there was a doublescreening of Clueless and Mallrats this weekend.  I am telling you, the 90’s is on a hot streak!

Click below for the original shirt and clothing credits

Todays outfit (middle):
Dress: thrifed, $2
Shoes: Thrifted. $2
Leggings: JCPenny’s  $8
Scarf: originally a trifted skirt, $1.25


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4 Responses to “DIY: Skirt and Scarf”

  1. Megan Says:

    I absolutely love what you’ve done with this skirt, and the fabric is amazing – it’s so different! Wish I had this sort of creative ability!

  2. lizzy Says:

    This is such a great idea that I never would have thought of! P.S. I spotted you in InStye!!! Lucky you 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving

  3. jentine Says:

    So smrt! And Clueless is a classic… all I wanted back then was a matching plaid skirt and jacket and some kneehighs… Ok, I still want that.

  4. Amy Says:

    What a cool idea!

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